Iceland Air cancellation policy

Iceland Air cancellation policy


Iceland Air cancellation policy

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Before canceling a flight ticket you should keep in mind certain aspects of the Icelandair Cancellation Policy.

Iceland Air Cancellation Policy 

According to the cancellation policy, bookings are required seven days in advance of the flight departure day.

If the total amount of the new ticket is higher than the previous flight booking, the passenger must pay the Iceland Air Cancellation Fee to cancel the flight booking.

If a passenger wants to cancel their ticket they can do it very easily but one thing you must remember is that if you cancel the flight ticket 24 hours after the flight departure you will have to pay the cancellation charge.

If you cancel the ticket 24 hours before the departure schedule, then the flight ticket will be canceled without any cancellation fee.

How to cancel an Iceland Air flight?

Sometimes passengers are unable to travel on the reservation date due to some personal reasons, so they want to cancel the flight ticket. If you also want to cancel your Iceland Air Flight Ticket, you can do so very easily by following a few steps below for your convenience.

Way to cancel Iceland Air Flight Ticket

  • Go to Iceland Air's official website portal with the help of any web browser.
  • Click on the section to manage my trip and you will need to enter the reservation details.
  • When the booking details are retrieved you will be given the option of flight changes and cancellation.
  • Select the flight cancellation option and confirm the cancellation.
  • Above all, you will go to the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Finally Free Articles, you will get the confirmation text of the cancellation on the registered mobile number.

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